Time When I Was Surprised (Essay Sample)

Time When I Was Surprised

In life, there are moments which move us to admit that life is full of surprises. Sometimes, we are surprised by our friends and colleagues or by life events themselves, for instance, when a childhood friend whom you have not been in contact with for over a decade decides to visit you. The outcome from surprises tend to be either satisfying or unpleasant, but in most cases, they are often pleasant. Regardless of the outcome, surprises are often memorable. Most of them usually turn out positive hence later in life, you come to laugh as well as tease each other about them. Moreover, surprises create a strong bond between you and your friends since you get to plan how to surprise one of you without their knowledge later thus have fun while at it. Below is a story of a time when I was surprised.

I had had a rough week in school. A busy schedule which could not allow me to rest as well as heaps of assignments. Whenever I had finished my essay on time and forwarded it, the professor kept on returning it to me claiming that it had not met the required standard. At times, I thought the professor had a problem with me since I proofread my papers more than expected and I also often asked some of my classmates to read through them and help me correct all errors. I could not wait for the weekend to come so that I could go home and take a break from all school work. I went through my essay as many times as possible and delivered it on Friday since the professor could not give it back until the next week. When the weekends came, I did not hesitate to get home since my parents were not around and I needed to be alone and rest.

I got home on Friday evening feeling exhausted. Along the way, I had a misunderstanding with my best friend Carol over a slight issue which made her storm to her house angrily. I chose to let her be so that she could cool down before I would talk to her. Once I entered my house, I heaved a sigh of relief since at last, I was in one place where I could not be disturbed or get into an argument with someone. I threw myself on the couch and started binge watching my favorite television show when I heard the doorbell. I wondered who it was since it was rather late and I had not informed anyone that I would be home except Carol who was mad at me. I stepped out to see who it was but no one was there. As I was getting back to the house, someone grabbed me from behind and all of a sudden I was unconscious.

I did not know for how long I was unconscious and hence I could not remember the events that followed later. When I woke up, I found myself in a dark room unable to see or hear anything. I started asking myself what was happening to me. I already had a rough week in school, I was not in good terms with my best friend and to add salt to injury, I was kidnapped. Luckily, my hands and legs were not tied thus I did not hesitate to find the door. As I tried to find my way out, I stumbled over a stool and landed on the light switch which I turned on immediately. “Surprise!” I turned around quickly, and to my amazement, I was in my house, and my best friend Carol held a birthday cake which read, “Happy Birthday Liz.”

I was too overwhelmed to speak. Tears of joy started flowing down my cheeks as I hugged her. I did not know it was my birthday and that Carol had it all planned. She had everything prepared from the moment she brought up that argument which led to her storming to her house. I was perplexed that she pulled the surprise with most of my high school friends. Moreover, most of them said it was literally my ‘bath’ day and that they had to do the necessary which mostly meant pouring cold water on me. I was asked to step out into the garden, and each of them took turns washing me. I tried to make them stop but my joy betrayed me and I cannot say I did not enjoy every bit and drop of water on my body.

I later changed into warm clothes and joined them in the living room. We enjoyed ourselves and partied all night till dawn. I was happy that Carol managed to put a smile on my face after the hectic week I had in school. I really enjoyed myself and thanked my friends for coming. I did not have any words to say to Carol since she had made that day the best day of my life. Moreover, she gave me an idea of how I was to surprise her come her birthday.

In conclusion, this is how I was surprised. I did enjoy myself as well as got to bond with my high school friends whom I had not seen for a while.