Time When You Made a Sacrifice for Someone Else (Essay Sample)

Time When You Made a Sacrifice for Someone Else

In life, some people are ready to do whatever it takes to see others prosper. Additionally, some are willing to sacrifice their lives for others because of the love and affection they have for another. When you choose to make a sacrifice for someone, it should not be obligatory but as something you are doing from deep down your heart. Making sacrifices is not as easy as many people may presume it to be. There are consequences which follow and some tend to be serious indeed. Moreover, you should not choose to make a sacrifice to be known by the public but because your inner-self wants you to. Making a sacrifice for the sake of gaining popularity makes you later come to regret it since your real intentions will come to light, and the image people will have of you can make you dislike your guts. Therefore, when you want to make a sacrifice, ensure that you are ready and prepared for it and that you are doing it wholeheartedly. Below is an incident of a time I made a sacrifice for someone else.

All was not going well at my workplace. I received a phone call from the secretary the previous night that the manager wanted to see me very early in the morning. I did not prepare myself as I usually do and stepped out of the house heading for the office. As I was on my way to work, I came across a crowd of people staring at someone who was involved in an accident. Apparently, the bus that had hit his car sped off without a trace leaving the pedestrians in shock. I stepped out of my car and went to the scene. The victim was seriously injured and was losing a lot of blood. The ambulances took long to arrive, so I asked a few bystanders to help me get him into my car.

My job was on the line at the moment, and I also felt the need to help save a life. I did not bother looking for his identification documents since he was losing a lot of blood. I rushed him to the hospital and luckily the road I used had no traffic. We got to the hospital on time, and the nurses instantly attended to him. The doctor needed me to sign some documents, but I told him I barely knew the victim. The victim seemed to be in good condition but he had lost a lot of blood, and he needed the immediate blood transfusion. I was still confused since I had to rush and get back to work and I did not want to risk the life of the patient I just brought in. I sat down to clear my head and after a few minutes I opted to donate my blood and forgot all about my job. Fortunate enough, my blood was compatible to that of the victim. When the doctors were through, I could not wait to see how the patient was faring and so I left off in a hurry and headed to work.

When I arrived at the office, some of the employees were clearing their desks. I breathed in deeply and went straight to the manager’s office. The secretary looked at me and signaled me to wait. There was another employee in the office who was being reprimanded. She left the office almost in tears as I brushed my way in. The manager scolded me for being late and asked me why my performance was abating. I could not even get the chance to explain to him why I was late when he just uttered, “pack your things and leave.” I could not believe what I heard. I could not continue standing there, so I went and did as he had instructed me to. Most employees were fired because of low productivity whereas others were fired because of being late. I headed straight home and dropped my things and lied down on the sofa. I had had a hectic day indeed.

Days passed while I was effortlessly trying to look for another job. I opted to work as a part-time teacher in a neighboring school for a while when one day I got a phone call. I could not familiarize myself with the voice on the other end. The person who called asked if we could meet and I reluctantly agreed. When I got to the meeting point, I found out it was the man I had helped to the hospital. He told me he had been trying to locate me for a while now. He thanked me for what I did, and I told him that I felt the urge to do it. He later came to learn of the situation I was in and decided to offer me a job as his personal assistant. I could not believe it. He was the incoming CEO of a renowned company. I gladly accepted his offer, and we discussed the job requirements in greater detail.

In conclusion, sacrifices are not made because one expects to be thanked in return. They are made because one simply decides to make a difference and to take the road less traveled. While I eventually gained out my act, my aim was to help a dying man. Therefore, help whenever you can and then go your way. If you cross paths with the people you helped, well and good but if you do not, keep helping others.

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