Privilege Of Getting Older (Essay Sample)

Privilege of getting older

What do you expect when you become older? Perhaps you have sat down with your father and listened to him speaking. Don’t you like to be like him? Well, each birthday brings a new experience in life. Some people do not like getting older hence bombard themselves with anti-aging aspects or lifestyles and hate being looked upon with pity. Growing older means adding more years in your life and become responsible as well as mature. Everyone gets old, and it is good to accept and get excited due to its privileges or exclusive rights and advantages in the society. However, a majority of young people understand getting old as adding more years, becoming less active, getting more medical attention, more wrinkles, forgetful and prone to diseases. People need to change to positive attitude on old age. Besides, nobody wants to remain young facing problems such as social drama, the absence of independence and lack of finance. Getting older in life makes people become role model, become stable, independent and develop long-lasting careers in the society. Henceforth, the present article presents privileges of getting older that a young person should look aspire.

Getting older makes people develop a wealth of skills and experiences. As a person lives through different life situations, he meets with different people and faces challenges. Such a person develops good decision-making skills as he grows old. As a young and immature person, it is difficult to decide due to lack of confidence, experience, and low self-esteem. However, as a person becomes old, he develops confidence and develops positive attitude in life. Such attributes help in the decision-making process on different aspects such as relationships, careers, and independence. Besides, getting old incorporates life experience that a person acquires over time making him equipped to choose the best decision. For example, a person decides to vote as an adult, decision to marry or live the best personal life as he aspires.

Secondly, security matters when people become older. A person becomes more secure and confident as he grows old. Getting older makes a person develops confidence and becomes mature in reasoning as well as feels more valuable due to improvement on self-esteem and confidence. Therefore, such a person becomes secure in all his endeavors. Separately, improvement in self-esteem and security help people become happy in their positions especially workers. Employees who become older feel satisfied with their jobs and positions due to increases in income and promotions based on experience. Besides, the employees, for instance, feel respected in their statuses. Thus, they develop a lot of gratifications that emanate due to the appreciation of the long span of growth and numerous accomplishments in careers and such privileges come as a result of security.

Getting older makes people have the privilege to navigate challenges in life. At a young age, people explore and experiment time while experiencing different problems. However, as people get old, they become patient and settle. The youthful idealism wears differently while the enthusiasm and drive for a better life remain resilient. Therefore, older people focus on purposeful life hence navigates meaningfully on the different challenges in life with a personal focus to achieve their goals. As a person gets old, he remains confident in life and willfully overcomes the various challenges that they learn as they mature in life. Thus, more age makes people gain the unusual gift of personal life perspective due to self-possession and feel content with life. Even though young people still have no experience to face different challenges in life successfully, they have good mentors such as parents and teachers who encourage them on the best ways to meet difficulties at the moment.

Apart from navigating challenges in life, getting older makes people develop stable careers. In most cases, it is uncommon for young people to job hop, work for extra hours or odd hours and to have multiple part-time jobs. However, as people get old, a lot of responsibilities arise. As a person shifts his career and engages in different job opportunities, they get many jobs to compare then decide on the best and long-term career for their lives. Thus, as people grow, they get more opportunities to achieve their career growth, self-satisfaction, and recognition. The older people at the workplace, for instance, outline the best career trajectory and learn how the company works then decide whether their career goals share common aspects with the objectives of the company. Besides, as people get old, they spend much of their time engaging in different activities that they enjoy and channel such actions into their long-term careers. Hence, as a person grows old, he earns a lot of income from various sources. However, young people find it difficult to develop stable careers since they have nothing to compare. Currently, some of the young people still attending school programs while others still hunt for jobs and are undecided on the best careers to choose. However, the majority of the young people anticipate a good life with a stable and long-lasting career in that suit their objectives.

Getting older comes with the privilege of having stable relationships in the society. People have the opportunity to develop relationships at different stages of life. At the high school, students develop friendships and such relationships fade with time as they meet different people in their life endeavors. As people grow old, they produce more mature relationships and reach a point of developing lasting relationships with friends, workmates, and spouses. Besides, as a person becomes old, the relationships tend to be more qualitative than quantitative. Even though people experience shrinkage in their relationships as they get old, they experience higher satisfaction with fewer negative experiences in their social interactions than at their younger ages. Such positive impacts on relationships are evitable at an advanced age where the government provides free medical services to the elderly among other benefits. Therefore, young people long for a fruitful relationship with positivity and interactions instead of loneliness and stressful relationship in the current young generation.

In conclusion, getting old is essential in life. Even though young people are of the view that getting older becomes with additional responsibilities, it has privileges especially becoming a role model, financially stable, and having long-lasting careers. Besides, older people experience improvement in security, independence, and stable relationships. Thus, it is essential to appreciate and embrace getting older with a positive attitude at it is part of growth.