Are You Good At Keeping Secrets? (Essay Sample)

Are You Good At Keeping Secrets?

In our daily lives, we get to meet people from different walks of life. While some get to live with us, some tend to move to other places. Making friends seems quite easy since you get together and discover each other’s personalities. However, trusting someone is not that easy since it is almost synonymous with putting your life into another person’s hands. Moreover, you do not know to what limits you can share your deepest worries with them.

Some people are good at keeping secrets while some are not. There are some who can decide to keep a secret, but it reaches a time when they are not able to keep it to themselves thus share it with others. However, as the owner of the secret, you believe that regardless of the circumstances they are in, they ought to ensure that they live according to their promises. Having promised someone that you will not reveal what they have told you and you later come to do the opposite is a betrayal. This not only makes them disappointed in you but also creates a rift between the two of you since you have evidently shown them that you are not dependable. Furthermore, you hurt their feelings in the process. However, some people are also good at keeping secrets because they value their friendships and the respect they have for each other. Others fear keeping secrets because they are unable to withstand bearing that information since they believe hiding it from others will hurt someone. However, there are secrets which can hurt other people whereas some do not involve them. Conversely, it is essential for one to ensure they know who they are sharing their secrets with and trust that they will not reveal it to anyone. As for me, I am good at keeping secrets and my friends can attest to my words.

There are various reasons why I choose to keep secrets the main one being to maintain peace. My main aim of keeping secrets is to keep or maintain peace and keep people from being hurt. Moreover, it is fundamental that some information is best known to you than the public at large. This is because you will have a shoulder to lean on whenever you encounter a disheartening or overwhelming situation. The fewer people know about the difficulty or hardship you are going through, the better. Despite the fact that some may opt to offer a helping hand, others may choose to mock or laugh at you thus the reason why you ought to keep some things to yourself. Am good at keeping secrets because I do not like it when other people get hurt and I always try to avoid such disheartening situations.

Everyone has a vision, and to some people, it is preferable that it is best known to themselves and a few friends rather than the public. This is because someone might try to steal your idea or thought and put it as their own or one might have bad intentions for you. There are people in this world who do not like seeing others thrive thus they can do all they can to hinder one from achieving their dreams. Therefore, when one has a plan of making things better or making it in life, they ought to share the idea with someone they trust or keep it to themselves. Keeping secrets helps one realize their visions and allows them to pursue them without any interferences from a third party.

Some people presume that when you keep secrets, your primary intentions are to lie about something. However, that is not the case. At times, one can find it irrelevant to talk about some things and hence prefer to keep them to themselves. This does not necessarily mean that you are lying about something. Additionally, when you want to tell a secret regardless of its relevance, you ought to mind how you share it as well as the person you are sharing it with. They could be listening to you or be there in body, but their minds are not. This will help you know if your secret is in good hands or it will come to light after some time.

Am good at keeping secrets for the safety of my well-being. Some information is best kept than shared since you might never know the consequences of revealing it. Moreover, some people might use that information to turn the tables against you thus hurt you. Keeping secrets grants me the privilege of having information that other people do not have. This makes some of them curious and desperate to know about it. Therefore, it is better for your safety to keep some information to yourself than to share it.

Additionally, keeping secrets allows me to maintain my dignity. Some of my friends find it easy to share something with me because they believe I cannot betray their trust. Furthermore, I always put their interests at heart thus find it hard to disclose what they have told me.

In conclusion, being secretive does not necessarily mean you are telling a lie but putting your safety and that of others first. Additionally, keeping secrets helps maintain peace, enable people to trust you, as well as letting someone achieve their lifelong dreams. Therefore, it is good to be secretive.