Why I Would Be A Democrat If I Could Vote (Essay Sample)

Why I Would Be a Democrat If I Could Vote

If I could vote, I would be a Democrat. The Democratic Party preserves the arduous rights and profits working individuals thus protecting them against abusive exploitation by processes and business people. Since the advent of FDR presidency along with the Great Depression, the Democratic Party has utilized government wisely to benefit working people. Accordingly, we now benefit from Social Security, overtime laws, minimum wage, and Medicare. Republicans aim at curtailing the above, Democrats aim at preserving and expanding it. My reason for being a Democrat is more intricate than the simple factors of my being. To me, the party resembles America. The side isn’t one religion, ethnic group or race. However, it is committed to an agenda which highlights low-priced health care, retirement security, women’s rights, stem cell study, gay rights, and protection of civil rights, just to mention but a few.

I would be Democrat because as I review our history, the party has proven right more often than wrong. My party (Democrat) assumed the civil rights movement which is accepted by almost all individuals as the befitting position. It was initially members of my party who directed opposition to the Vietnam War, and practically all Americans ultimately came to see war, as the mistake it was. Democrats saw Richard Nixon as the fraud he was while the Republicans deemed him as a darling. My party opposed Ronald Reagan’s economic stratagems which nearly impoverished our nation. Contrary to majority Republicans, it did not necessitate eight years for the Democrats to recognize that President Bush would destroy the country. Hilary Clinton cautioned Americans that Bush’s policies would derail our economy, divide us, and lose our allies.

I’m not stating that our Democratic heroes have no fault; we do share in some embarrassment.  I distinguish Bill Clinton as a fantastic president who balanced the deficit and left a surplus for President Bush to destroy. Despite his doings being inappropriate, his appointments and public decisions were flawless. I prefer Democrat’s flaws to the opposition’s.

I would be a Democrat because I esteem women and I believe women are every way equal in capabilities, intelligence compassion, and decision making. I think women’s pay should be similar to men and have their insurance offset all the therapeutic procedures and prescriptions. Democrats view women as equals whereas Republicans see them as appliances that produce babies. Furthermore, I have no issue with another’s sexual preference given they are involved with a non-related and consenting adult. I see no error in two non-related grown-ups being allowed to possess the same legal recognition and titles as other individuals in love. I believe another’s marriage doesn’t belittle my own and I believe a child shouldn’t be deprived the chance to be nurtured by an affectionate and responsible couple. One of our nation’s most significant assets is our diversity and our history of taking in the hungry, tired, and huddled masses globally. Democrats celebrate diversity; Republicans oppose it.

I believe citizens are stronger when success is shared. I have zero problems with a company’s CEO earning more than a factory worker, a successful stock trader earning more than the gardener or custodian, or a cardiologist earning more than the store clerk. My issue is the ever augmenting disparity between a company’s top tier and its subordinates. If the gardener or custodian generate a living wage as claimed by the ‘job creators,’ why does the CEO need to earn one-hundred times more money? Exactly which point is the argument an ‘allow them to eat the cake’ type of argument? Democrats believe the massive growth in income disparity seen over the years is fundamentally bad for our economy. We all progress when our citizens aren’t poor. Our economy functions better when we are not encouraging our citizens to leverage themselves to the hit on minuscule wages but instead have citizens who can afford things they purchase. Republicans believe if we immensely augment the worth of the nation’s top one percent earners, it will somehow ‘stream down’ to the indulgent masses.

To further support my reasoning, I believe we aren’t perfect. Everything needs to adapt to realities and changing times to grow and succeed. We subsist in a constitutional commonwealth. Our constitution’s framers understood that it was impossible to anticipate every possible change or innovation and place a provision wherein we can adjust and amend our law to meet new realities and challenges. This was a shrewd move by our framers. Democrats celebrate and understand this; Republicans don’t.

I would be a Democrat because Democrats’ beliefs are helpful and logical for the working class and persons who want a better world of equality. The party’s policies make it so that the people and the federal government would be one entity lacking mutual distrust, where our taxes would benefit everyone meaning none would be beneath the poverty line. Democrats do not fear change, they instead think of the big picture. Republicans are a mess and are unbelievably close-minded regarding many issues.

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