What Is Something That You Believe In Strongly? (Essay Sample)

What Is Something That You Believe In Strongly?

People get to encounter different experiences on a daily basis. Some are thrilled and excited about them whereas others are hurt or have regrets of being in a particular place when certain occurrences take place. While some people learn from these experiences, others are disappointed with life. Some easily give up and presume that there is no reason for them to continue living. However, as the adage goes, ‘what does not kill you makes you stronger,’ one ought to pick themselves up and turn their disappointments into positions of strength. Sometimes, you do not choose to be in a particular place when something happens hence this should not disappoint you but rather strengthen you. Mistakes are bound to happen, and sometimes, some are inevitable. However, we should not let them wear us down but instead, learn from them and use them to make us progress or better ourselves.

Everyone has something which they hold dear to them, and they strongly believe that they can try their best to have a positive outcome of it. As for me, what I hold dear to me is my life. I strongly believe that I can change the kind of life am leading to a life full of hope and a prosperous future. Believing in myself helps me understand what I am capable of as well what my weak points are. Additionally, this helps me learn and understand how I can turn my weaknesses into my strengths. For example, when I find essay writing as a challenging task, I do not ignore or brush aside the challenge but seek to become better at it. This is also a similar case of when a baby is trying to walk. They fall many times, and this does not deter them from making further attempts. They eventually come to walk on their own because of their perseverance. Using my weakness to strengthen myself acts as a step towards achieving my goals since they help me move forward rather than lag behind feeling remorseful and disappointed with life.

Secondly, being persistent and determined helps me maintain focus. This is because I try my best to ensure that all the attempts I have made in trying to accomplish something are fruitful and that they do not go to waste. For instance, whenever I do not grasp something in class, I often ask the lecturer to clarify the statement much further so that I can be able to fully comprehend and understand what was trying to be conveyed. Moreover, I even spare some time and consult them whenever I am unable to understand something taught in class or from my studying. This helps me understand things much better as well as focus on improving my grades.

Thirdly, I look up to inspirational messages from different prosperous and successful individuals. Having something that drives you to work hard paves the way for you to aim at achieving your goals and making your dreams a reality. Such messages help you pick yourself up whenever you feel miserable and despondent and hence enable you to have an optimistic perception of life. For instance, there are moments when things seem not to work for me when trying to make a difference such as trying to find a means to help my parents with my fees and many times, doors close in front of my face. On most occasions, I get disappointed if I am not able to find money-making schemes. However, I choose not to be miserable and opt to look for other methods which may not be paying well but keep me from idleness.

Fourthly, to make a difference in the kind of life I lead, I always look up to my role model. I keep tabs on his accomplishments and this gifts me the notion that I too can make a difference in my life. My role model is Elon Musk, and I often read his books to understand how he was able to accomplish an achievement after another. This helps me learn to pick myself up in meeting my objectives if something goes awry. Additionally, looking up to my role model helps me challenge his personalities in accomplishing my life goals as well as making my dreams a reality to better myself.

In conclusion, everyone has something that they strongly believe in. I strongly believe in myself, and this helps me understand my capabilities as well as my difficulties. This has also helped me learn to be optimistic and think positively. Life is encumbered with many challenges and hardships which we ought to endure if we want to make it in life. Success does not come to someone when they sit down and fold their hands. Everything comes to you when you work hard but you have to practice to not let your disappointments hinder you but rather strengthen you.

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