Would You Rather Stay Up Late Or Get Up Early? (Essay Sample)

Would You Rather Stay Up Late Or Get Up Early?

Many people prefer staying up late and finishing up on their activities to ensure that they go to bed feeling relaxed and done with all their endeavors. However, some prefer getting up early to tackle all of their issues while feeling refreshed. Everyone opts for a way that works for them. As for me, initially, I used to stay up late and finish all my assignments and study till late. However, I decided to switch from staying up till late to being an early riser. This change had an enormous impact, and since then, I have never considered the possibility of switching back to my old schedule. This new plan has helped me tackle my tasks a bit faster and cautiously as well as helping me focus on my studies. Studying till late in the night made me feel exhausted most of the time, and I would conclude my studies fast while entertaining the thought of resuming later. This is because I used to engage myself in many activities during the day such as cleaning, walking from one place to another, for instance, from class to class since all our classes do not take place in a single venue, talking and laughing with friends the classes were over, and playing basketball in the evening. However, shifting to being an early riser made me feel ready for the day since I often wake up feeling vivacious and energetic.

Being an early riser is beneficial in various ways unlike staying up till late. However, this should not make you dislike staying up till late if you are comfortable with it. People are different and you may find it difficult to wake up early. For me, however, being an early riser has helped me a lot and it is still helpful. Below are some of the reasons why I prefer to wake up early to staying up till late:

  • Ability to greet the day. Being an early riser enables me to thank God for allowing me to see yet another day. This instils the urge in me that I have to work on achieving my dreams and not lazy around.
  • Getting to see the sunrise. Hearing stories from other people often does not seem that interesting until you get to witness something. Waking up early has enabled me to see the sunrise and how beautiful the mornings usually are. I get to observe how the day gets to become brighter and brighter.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast. Waking up early enables me to enjoy a healthy breakfast. This is because I get to decide what to have for breakfast. Moreover, I am not always in a hurry while preparing it.
  • Enhanced productivity. I always spare time for my studies in the morning hours. This is because I wake up feeling refreshed and ready. Additionally, it is easy to grasp something in the morning than in the night because you are often too tired to comprehend what you are reading.
  • Improved quality of sleep. Being an early riser, you do not have to sacrifice your sleep. This is because you ensure you go to bed early enough to enjoy your sleep and wake up ready for the next day. Furthermore, you get to enjoy your sleep.
  • Peace and tranquility. It is indeed rare for people to make noise in the morning unlike at night. Waking up early enables me to enjoy the peacefulness and calmness in the morning. Moreover, I enjoy hearing the birds chirp. While staying up late, some people would make a lot of noise and this often meant dealing with a lot of distractions.
  • Vivacity and exuberance. Sleeping early enough enables me to relax and unwind from the exhaustion I had from the day’s activities. I wake up the next day feeling vivacious and exuberant because I had enough rest the previous night. Additionally, my health is in a good state because I get to have enough rest.
  • Time to exercise. Exercising in the morning is healthy for the body since you have enough energy to help you pull it through. Moreover, it is difficult to maintain exercising in the evening since your routine may vary and it will not allow you to have time for your exercises. Sometimes you feel too exhausted to even try working out thus opt to rest.
  • Get to be optimistic. Being an early riser helps one have positive thoughts and to have hope. This is because your mind is set on achieving your goals and you will strive to do your best to make it happen.
  • Better mental health. What you do when you first get up does have an impact on how you will conduct yourself during the rest of the day. When you wake up early, you are refreshed and ready for the day thus you will use your time wisely to ensure you meet your objectives. Additionally, this is good for your health in that you will develop an optimistic outlook of life.
  • Time for a new hobby. Getting up early also enables you develop a new hobby such as reading, poetry or art. This happens mostly when you get to attend to what is on your schedule and have some time to spare.

In conclusion, being an early riser is beneficial in many ways. For me the advantages are as stated above. I understand that people are different but everyone ought to find their niche and stick with it.

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