About Our Process

How the Process of "Write My Essay" works. Please find below the process of order placement, payment and all the way up until order submission.

How to Write Impeccable Papers

Well, you have a ton of assignments with approaching deadlines and in your quest to find a quality writer have settled on our site. The process of placing an order is quite easy and below is a quick how-to guide prepared just for you.


Frist of all, you have to register and here all you need is an email address. This allows you to create a back-office where you will track messages, queries, and everything that pertains to your order. It is essential and you should not skip this step.

Submitting an Order

Once you have registered, the next step involves specifying the details of your order. A form is provided here where you provide us with the details of your assignment or essay. Be careful not to leave anything out because writers make use of what you provide to develop your paper.

Select Your Preferred Writer

Once you have provided us with the details of your assignment, we normally post it on our platform where it is visible for the all the writers. Here, the writers review the order and bid on it. However, the buck stops with you because you decide who you think is best suited to handle your order. Once you have decided on the writer, we encourage you to directly communicate with your preferred writer and iron out any issues regarding the order. The above can happen after the writer has started working on the order or before they start.

Monitor Your Paper as it is Being Written

Confirming your order gives your writer the green light to start working on it. If the writer is logged into the site, their status registers or changes to online and you can inquire about the paper or ask them to send the finished parts for you to review. We encourage this because it helps ensure that you get what you expect.

Make Payment

First of all, it is essential to note that we charge our clients only after confirming they are happy with their papers. However, if you are not satisfied with your paper, we normally offer refunds. We accept payments via PayPal, Visa or MasterCard, and American Express only.

Rate Your Writer

We take our customers seriously and therefore, make the point of monitoring the quality of the papers our writers deliver. Thus, we encourage you to always rate your writer while also detailing your experience while working with us. The rating is not solely for the quality of papers you receive but also includes personal attributes as well as communication skills. We urge you to offer fair feedback to help us grow and also to make it easier for the next client to make an informed decision.

We Employ a Client-Oriented Approach

Our goal is to make you happy and therefore, once you have placed an order, research on your topic starts. Arguments which support the writer’s standpoint on the topic are highlighted and these help form the basis of the paper. Every argument and point made is clearly cited and the position the paper holds is supported with sufficient evidence. Our writers are professionals and therefore, take into consideration the requirements of your paper including the paraphrasing as well as plagiarism guidelines. However, you need to provide the writer with your preferred or required citation method or allow them to use one of the recommended ones as per our Terms and Conditions.