How to Improve Writing Skills to Be a Better Essay Writer?

How to Become a Better Essay Writer

Essay Writing Skills,

Writing has never been a simple task that is started and completed like any other. It is the kind of tasks that require focus, concentration, and devotion. You can choose to just write or to write with greater attention and dedication to the topic under question. There are gifted essay writers who are able to produce high-quality compositions in no time with neat content and organized structure. Notwithstanding, there is always a possibility to become a better essay writer through the acquisition of new writing skills. Applying certain techniques related to content and structure results in a well-written piece of writing that respects the academic requirements.


Whenever we are knowledgeable about a particular topic, we tend to delve deep into writing by adding as many pieces of information as possible, which is a mistake. First of all, before getting to writing, we have to brainstorm and select what to include and what to leave out. Every topic is open to different interpretations and discussions. Thus, to write about a particular theme, we need to choose which arguments to focus on, that is to say, the ideas that we are going to develop and illustrate by concrete evidence. Each argument could be elaborated on in a paragraph so that the idea is explained thoroughly and becomes understandable. Maintaining a methodical structure strengthens the form and architecture of the essay. Methodology is the main aspect that is crucial to the making up of a high-quality essay.


Essays are not all alike. There are school and college essays, personal papers, application essays, rhetorical essays, and the list goes on. Each should be dealt with differently. There is no fit-all language to be used in all essays. A college paper requires a formal jargon conformably with the subject matter. If it needs a legal lexical field, then a certain degree of formality should be observed. Appropriateness in terms of word choice is of utmost importance. For instance, it wouldn’t be appropriate to use a literary style and imagery when writing a scientific paper. Phrasal verbs render your essay informal. Thus, they are not the best option when it comes to the terminological choice. Consistency is the ultimate goal of appropriate diction.

Authenticity and Reliability

Including arguments and various ideas in an essay seems indicative of how knowledgeable about the subject matter the writer is. Yet, claims might seem mere opinions featured by superficiality on the account that they lack authentic evidence to support them. The use of pathos, ethos, and logos is useful for rhetorical essays, for instance. The use of percentages and statistical studies to corroborate a particular claim adds to the reliability and credibility of the piece of information written. Readers are more attracted to credible ideas that rely on authentic sources. Thus, citing your sources and the original authors’ names is an added value to an essay. Observing authenticity enhances the content and renders it more effective.


In order to become a better essay writer, you might want to avoid repeating yourself. Repeating the same thing twice could be unintentional, hence it should be avoided. Repetitiveness kills the meaningfulness of the paper as it produces a tedious effect, which makes the essay less appealing. A student has to keep a watchful eye on redundant expressions and repetitive strings of words. It should be noted that repetition could be useful for some reason such as highlighting information and shedding light on specific ideas. Relatively, the key concepts which are the main issue of an essay should be repeated wisely so that one doesn’t drift away from the main topic.


Stylistic techniques make one paper different from another. Each type has its own techniques that make up its internal design. If you are writing a literary essay that has a reference list, you have to stick to the MLA style sheet for referencing in order to maintain consistency. APA style is used in linguistic areas, instead. Stylistics is a wide and rich area. Therefore, respecting its norms helps authors improve their writing abilities. Moreover, mechanics are omnipresent in an essay. Your abbreviations, punctuation, and capitalization should observe the same style you are using for your paper. The use of colons, semicolons, and other punctuation marks are of great importance to the configuration of the essay.


An essay should not be a whole block. To make it aesthetically pleasing, you need to divide it into small paragraphs that when readers do not produce a negative visual effect. However, if according to your assignment you are required to write a five-paragraph essay, then you should respect it. Otherwise, you can control the number of lines included in each paragraph to monitor their length and gradually develop your essay into a well-built one. It is not advisable that you vary the length of the body paragraphs in an excessive manner. One or two lines longer paragraphs may not be as problematic as ones with a six-line difference. Suitable paragraphing embellishes the format of the paper.


Not all types of writing allow us to use our own voice. Indeed, in essays, it is advisable to show less ego. Thus, it is recommended that you avoid the overuse of “I”. Too much ego could ruin your essay because it may reflect personal traits such as arrogance through the use of yourself as a reference for any piece of information. Assuming the responsibility of claims is not an easy task. So, it would be better to resort to the passive voice when possible and to reporting when necessary. If you do not want to adopt the epistemic value of a certain claim, try to report what has been said by other people, as such you keep yourself objective. The same is true of overgeneralizations. They should be avoided at any cost due to their uselessness.

To wrap up, becoming a better essay writer is a reachable goal that you can start working on through the application of the writing skills mentioned above. Start crafting drafts that contain these writing tips until you reach the final neat version, and you will certainly reach the best version after you have already mastered such techniques that can render you an outstanding essay writer.

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